I worked with Scott in the East Cobb location and had a 5 star experience. He worked with me twice a week a designed a home workout program that was great. The facility and staff were all first first rate and this made a big difference for drop foot condition. I can't say enough about Scott and my total experience.
Walt Gansser
I visited the Towne Lake office which was a new facility and found the environment very friendly and relaxing but business like in its approach to handling the patients needs. The interaction between the office manager and the therapist seems to be a very well working relationship and it provided a sense that either one was more than capable of getting things taken care for any of there patients. My schedule for having my therapy done was a bit hectic and not a normal schedule but the Town Lake office was very accommodating to my need over several months. I was post surgical from having a ACDF procedure and had lasting complications from the surgery and after struggling with my WC Doctor to get back to therapy to fix my issues I was granted therapy and Mrs. Shahidi came highly recommended and did not disappoint. Mrs. Shahidi was very attentive to my issues and adjusted to my daily conditions as I came in for therapy. Her willingness to adapt to my changing conditions kept everything going in a forward motion. Lisa the office manager was more than helpful and very accommodating to any request made of her to help keep the paper work side of things in order, which for a Work Comp case can be very consuming. I came in with the expectation that I would with the help of Mrs. Shahidi be able to get my issues corrected and be able to get back to daily life as best as possible with my ACDF having taken place and I can say those expectations were met and then some.
Mr. Mac Donald
Dr. Adam Leaderman suggested Sovereign due to multiple surgeries that left me stiff and achy. Bita (my therapist) put me on a regimen that was incredible. Hamstrings, quadriceps, and hips were causing chronic pain. I now feel much better and what's more I'm feeling better every day. Thank you Bita for all you guidance and help. You are the best.
Rick Gower
east cobb Marietta location was fabulous! my left shoulder was a trauma tear situation. never believed in therapy until now. very impressive team. I feel 10 years younger now too. top marks for the whole staff. always felt welcome and always received individual attention for my problem. steve
Steven Nehmen
My 10 year old daughter hurt her knee in gymnastics and we were referred to Jason here at Sovereign. He was fantastic with her and she learned a plethora of exercises and strengthen techniques to help get her knee back to full strength.
MacKenzie Carvalho
My location is in Alpharetta on Old Milton Pkwy. Two words...LIFE CHANGING... I was treated primarily by Kelly but i also got my dry needling done by Angela. When i first came in i couldn’t even turn my neck or bend forward or much of anything really. Extremely nice staff. I felt as if i became family there and gained friends. Jasmine and I were always cracking up upfront. I finally feel more like myself again. I’m much happier. I’m more active and I’m a lot more knowledgeable of what to do when i have my flare ups. Thank you!!!!!
Erin Robinson
Great staff! Scott was great, always on time and patient. He improved my knee very much and gave me detailed home exercise instructions. Lisa, in the front office was always cheerful, courteous and efficient!
Donita Abston
Jason Fritz was my Physical Therapist at Sovereign Rehab in Decatur. I had BOTH knees replaced last year, but only 3 months apart, due to waiting to see if our insurance would cover the second one. The first surgery went really well, but I had complications with the second one... probably because the first one didn't have as much time to heal before we did the second one. Jason was GREAT. He was very patient, especially after the second one when I got discouraged at times, thinking that I wasn't getting better as fast as I had expected. He definitely pushed me to do better, but he does not have that "drill sergeant attitude" like you are shirking if you are having pain or difficulty. I don't respond well to that kind of coaching. And he took the time to hear my concerns, and was never dismissive or told me it would just be fine. I highly recommend Jason for your therapist, if you are considering surgery at or near DeKalb Medical.
Linda McCulloch
Sovereign PT was recommended by a friend, to whom I will always be grateful! What a truly fine staff of professionals - from the office to the therapists! Clinton Gouveia,, my therapist, at the Dunwoody location, evaluated my ankle injury/surgery, prescribed a treatment plan, explained everything while putting my mind at ease, put in a lot of effort with a smile, and professionally guided me through therapy that made a significant improvement in my ability to participate in day-to-day activities. He made a painful experience pleasant! The other therapists also provided a respectful environment of warmth, concern, helpfulness, kindness and encouragement. A GREAT facility with in INCREDIBLE staff!! 5 stars
Dorothy Jensen
I have been going to PT on and off for several years. Caitlin and the staff at Sovereign-Conyers were fantastic. Everyone was friendly and helpful, and made it fun (well, as much fun as you can have doing PT). Best of all, I am doing better--the best I have been in about 5 years. THANK YOU!
Judi Hornback
Great experience at Soverign treating tennis elbow. Angela is knowledgeable and thorough and helped me gain confidence doing exercises I need to regain strength and heal. Highly recommend this facility
Allison Saunders
Before coming to Sovereign tried two physical therapist prior and was giving up all hope but decided to try Sovereign. The first day I met with Anne, I knew I was in good hands. She was pleasant, positive and knowledgeable. I've been seeing her for about a month now and I am feeling much better! My pain has decreased significantly! I would highly recommend.
Yavonne Perkins
Kelly is great working with kids and adults. She helped my son tremendously from his foot injury. She keeps it fun and engaging at all times.
S Azmi
Lauren Whatley has been my PT at the Hapeville office for the last 5 months. She was fabulous! She had the ability to listen, encourage and push me to make my journey a successful one. When I would reach a block and find myself getting discouraged she always knew how to turn that around so I never lost my motivation. I realized that it is through hard work and PT that your success is gauged. I can't recommend her enough. Boni Powell
David Powell
Andrea is an excellent therapist! The pain I had when I started working with her is now gone. Thanks Andrea!
Alex Walsh
Torn ACL and meniscus on my right knee from playing rugby, just had surgery this past Wednesday. They are open before typical working hours and were able to get me in on relatively short notice for a 7am appointment. Webb is very kind, level headed, and practical. Had my 1st of 2 a week visits for 8 weeks. Can definitely say I am looking forward to the rest. Massage, stretches, redressing the incision site, and icing. Pretty straight forward, efficient, and comfortable all around.
Anne has been great and helped me rehab my foot and neck!
Chuck and Laura Lanford
The staff was very friendly and knew what they were doing. My recovery was tough but quicker then I thought.
Courtney Ewin
Top notch in every respect.
Lamar Hansard
Jason is the best
Rosiland Winfrey
Love this place. Very friendly, professional & fun environment. Staff is friendly & knowledgeable. Highly recommended.
Garrett Kusmack
My experience with Sovereign Rehab of Conyers was one like no other. First I would have to say with any business the front office staff is very important because they are on the front line. The ladies who work the front office at this facility were consistently welcoming and nice. Always greeting me with a smile and always sending me off with a "see you at your next appointment". This may seem minute to some but I think it is very important to have a wonderful front office like this facility. Then next ...Caitlin...Best therapist ever. Not only was she a great therapist but a wonderful person in general. Constantly motivating me to work harder and consistently pushing me to "put down those crutches". I am forever grateful for the 3 months of time I spent with her. I wouldn't just say thanks to a great therapist, but thanks to a great friend. Thanks for putting me back in the game.
Quan A
The only reason for my giving 5 stars, is because I can't give 10 stars. The staff here is unbelievable. Starting with my first call to make an appointment with Jule, the entire process went smoothly. A special thanks to Catlin, Lucia, Kristi, and Jereme for treating me like family (not just a patient). Due to their knowledge and efficiency , I was able to make a recovery from my knee replacement surgery far ahead of my projected recovery period. Thanks to their efforts, I have my life back. If I should ever need physical therapy for anything, The is only one place I would go.
Frank Longshore
I was referred for non-invasive treatment for a frozen shoulder, which has an unknown cause. The staff, from check in to all therapists, were friendly and competent. My particular therapist was also sensitive and caring-she was frankly willing to explore with me additional treatments. Overall it was a most satisfying and effective experience. I would recommend highly this particular clinic
M Anderson
Sovereign Conyers is absolutely the BEST place for PT. I was fortunate to have Caitlin B who is AWESOME! The staff is professional, friendly, extremely knowledgeable and they make PT fun! I would definitely recommend them to anyone.
Tracy Wilson-Pyant
Sigman Rd site is convenient and easily accessible. Office staff is friendly, helpful, flexible with scheduling when necessary, and knowledgeable about insurance coverage. Therapist Anne Waldner provides a thorough evaluation, establishes/sets clear goals and works constantly toward them. She is friendly and personable, flexible, but firm - a joy to work with. She will, however, call me out when she thinks I'm not doing my best - but in the nicest way. She is definitely one of the best.
Nancy Beverly
Great place to rehab & great Therapist (Lucia & Wanda) will get you back on your feet & they will bring it to make you work at rehabbing your injury; 100%, "no holes bared!" If you plan on faking your workout routine, then this is not the place for you to go. The therapist have a great sense of humor, but they are truly serious about their job & the ability to get your body back to great physical fitness, so you can enjoy a full & healthy lifestyle.
NIque White
Best place for hand therapy! Phyllis was so good about explaining the "medical" stuff to me in a way that I could understand, and she has a very fun personality. She is good for the whole person, not just the physical part, because she listened to me and helped me get through such a tough time in my life. The whole environment at Sovereign was comforting, and Phyllis and the staff felt like family.
Jamie Williams
The staff is very friendly and will work with you in any situation possible. Ms. Phyllis is awesome. I agree with Jamie Williams 100% about Phyllis! Randall Whitley says you were also just as awesome and will be missed Jamie Williams. This is definitely the best place to go for hand therapy, Phyllis definitely knows her stuff!
Courtney McDonald
My Therapist Michelle is the BEST!!!! She is very patient and has excellent listening skills! She's a pleasure individual, and she shows sympathy and empathy, as well as gets the job done. I've come here over the years and my first therapist was Lusia. On this visit, I was truly looking for Lydia' to be my therapist again, but I was assigned to Michelle, which is so awesome. The other office staff, really shows that they are team that works together! I love this place simply because it's the best In Conyers! Sovereign rehabilitation keep up the good work!
Teri Cobb
Where to start... Let's start with their office staff, they were all awsome but Julie and VP are amazing. My main therapist was Anne, but I worked with almost everyone. They were all nice, knowledgeable, understanding, caring, and funny. It is like a family atmosphere they make you feel at home. A bunch of rockstars they couldn't have did anything better. Don't go anywhere else, such a great place to get better. Thank you all so much.
Robert Martin
Michelle worked with my son after surgery and he is doing 100% better
Giovanna Wynn
Professional, knowledgeable and most importantly compassionate! Jenny got me through a slipped disc injury and back to running with proper form in under a month. Highly recommend this location if physical therapy is your first or last option to recovery.
Paul Hannah
Professional therapist, very nice staff, I would definitely recommend this place
Rox Rob
Katie does a great job and is a very caring person.
George Jacobbe
Over last three years I've had need of physical therapy. Both times I needed it, went to Sovereign. Awesome experience in working with the therapists. A SPECIAL shoutout to Kitty Chin. The lady knows her stuff and is great to work with. If I ever need physical therapy again, I will be back at Sovereign.
Gene Hodges
Great place for rehab. Katie is the best!
Brandis Nelson
The entire staff is amazing here - from the ladies at the front desk to all the physical therapists (especially Aaron & his joke busting!). They're super attentive and informed, made sure patients were good and not overdoing it, and even opened me up to dry needling. It's a chill but fun and safe atmosphere where you can tell you and your health comes first.
Nia M
I had a great experience. The office staff are organized and efficient. I was in by my appointment time and out within an hour each visit. My therapist, Jason, was EXCELLENT - knowledgeable and caring with a great sense of humor. He made PT fun and helped me reach my goal.
Christine Kidd
I had knee surgery in September. I started therapy with Aaron in October; I could not bend my left knee at all. I was hobbling around like a peg-legged pirate. But I had a goal. I wanted to be able to ski by my birthday in January. Aaron (and Jason likes to chime in too) worked really hard to get me back into skiing shape. And now I’ve done it. Both knees worked beautifully. Sovereign Rehab is really amazing. Thanks guys!!
Jess Kyle
Mr. Jason was very professional and friendly, including the staff. I appreciate him explaining my daughters physical therapy treatment to me and my daughter; and demonstrating in diagnosing my daughter. Also, appreciate his willingness in accommodating my daughters treatment schedule with my work schedule. Each visit Mr. Jason would provide me with a progress report and making sure he was meeting my expectations which was outstanding. We felt very Welcome and felt as part of the Sovereign family. My daughter especially enjoyed working with Mr. Jason. I would definitely return to this location again in needing physical therapy treatment or any other treatment provided by this location. My daughter is doing well and maintaining her exercise treatment at home. Thank you again
Nina Frazier
Friendly office staff, great therapists, and pleasant atmosphere!!! Aaron is really knowledgeable and attentive to his patients needs (not to mention really funny), I'd definitely recommend this place!
Betty Collins
Excellent location for physical therapy. At this Sovereign Rehabilitation location you will find a welcoming, positive, motivating environment, knowledgeable, engaging staff and a facility capable and flexible enough to work with me and my schedule. Aaron and the rest of the staff know how to pull you along through the rehabilitation process and I will highly recommend Sovereign Rehabilitation to anybody who asks.
Charles Brown
Jason my therapist made my experience wonderful when I was weak he made me feel strong I went in with extreme pain and my back and my knee by the time he was done with me I can say that I am 90% pain free and stronger than I was before. The staff was very nice and pleasant also easy scheduling I will recommend them to everyone.
Rosiland Winfrey
Aaron at Sovereign was recommended by my Orthopedic Doctors PA. I was experiencing neck, shoulder and arm pain that made it difficult for me to exercise, work, and sleep at night. I am now able to do all those things pain free after being treated by Aaron over a 3-4 week period of time. I found it easy to schedule appointments that worked with my schedule and was extremely happy with the level of care I received. Aaron is an very personable, health professional who truly cares about his patients. I would not hesitate to recommend Sovereign and Aaron to anyone needing quality physical therapy.
barry Wolf
Dr. Jason Fritz was great at Sovereign Rehabilitation! I dealt with lower back pain for several months and Jason was able to identify the cause of my pain and treat me back to 100%! I couldn’t have asked for a better physical therapist! He’s very knowledgeable and listened to all my concerns. Would highly recommend this place!
Allison Hayes
The staff Sovereign is great! The office staff are on top of things, and the atmosphere in the therapy room is upbeat. The staff seem to get along well and they work hard to keep patients motivated. I worked with Kara Raymond and I recommend her completely. She is knowledgeable, patient, and thorough. She is a great listener and really takes the time to try to figure out what the root issue is for her patients.
cdefazio1 .
This was a great place for physical therapy. The team worked together great and there was always an upbeat atmosphere there. Scott was great Physical Therapist to work with. He really helped me heal over time. He was very attentive to my needs and a great listener to what was going on with my injury during my recovery process. Lastly, the front office staff has to be mentioned because they were top notch.
Dr. Chryson Mays provided superb personalized service. She assessed my concerns with active listening skills; reviewed the approprIate anatomy and customized my treatment plan with buy-in from me. She is always encouraging, making it desirable to engage in home therapy sessions. I spoke enthusiastically about my training and results with my referring urologist. I highly recommend her to others.
Florence Shafiq
Everyone in this practice is top notch, and we recommend Sovereign unconditionally. The atmosphere is professional, positive, pleasant, and focused on results. Who knew working to get better could be fun? I have complete confidence in the staff from the front office to the therapists. I have been here several times for different issues over the years and never had a problem with scheduling, insurance, billing, or communication with my doctor; and every time I come out in great shape and grateful. I love these people. I should take them cookies.
Valeria Maier
I went to Sovereign after rotator cuff shoulder. Worked with 2 therapists Aaron P and Scott. Both were skilled, attentive and patient. My treatments ended with Scott who I concluded"knows his stuff". I made so much progress and feel confident about gaining 100% range and motion. While serious about therapy, all of the therapists appeared to create a safe, friendly environment. I would definitely recommend the Decatur office.
Dr. Patricia Brown
I had a back pain for several weeks before I saw Dr. Fritz. In only 5 visits my back pain was gone and I was able to play all of my sports.
SilverShadow Videos
This PT office is extremely efficient and professional, and the exercises I was given were very effective. I have seen two PTs here, and would highly recommend anyone in this office.
Janette B
I was so delighted that my doctor referred me to Sovereign Rehabilitation Winn Way Decatur, GA office. My PT treatments with Kara Raymond will always be a great and appreciative memory. She monitored and worked with me closely to ensure that I was comfortable enough to utilize and maintain each therapy session. In addition, PTs Jason and Aaron added the humor, which helped me endure the pain during my sessions. I could not have made it without such a great and hospitable staff including the office administrators. So, if you need PT treatments for any reason, this is the place to go (I am so much better now than when I initially arrive at the office). Hugs and Kudos from Mrs. Moreland
Janice Moreland