they are the best, they fix you up!!

I have been to a number of PT specialists over the yrs, but the people at Sovereign really know how to get you recovered. They do not use a “home depot” approach. They devote themselves to your needs. I have been to other PT places, both at doctor offices and freestanding places, where I experienced that the therapist is treating many people at the same time, so much so that they do not have the time to give you the physical contact that is so critical for your recovery nor the time to spend with you to observe your progress. At SR, you can feel their concern and they tailor their approach whether you are an elite athlete, a weekend warrior or just having degeneration of joints from getting older. I know healthcare well as I am a doctor and I now know why so many doctors choose Sovereign Rehab for their patients and their own personal needs. Alan and Jill, the leadership there have created the best PT group in North Georgia. Go there!
Michael Jacobson, MD

Very Helpful

As a very active physician (marathon runner, skier, biker and more), I have sustained many injuries over the years and have frequented several rehabilitation facilities. I had always been disappointed until being treated for an extremely painful arthritic neck by Alan Grodin at Sovereign. The pain was so bad that my orthopedist was considering surgery, but after only two sessions with Alan, I was almost pain free and able to turn my head with minimal discomfort and actually drive my car. I had been skeptical, and on my first visit I stated that I had little faith that my symptoms could be alleviated. Was I surprised. I still have trouble believing the amount of improvement achieved.

I love Sovereign Rehab!!!!!

My doctor from Peachtree Spine said that it would probably take a year for my “frozen shoulder” to “unfreeze” through rehab. He also stated that it might require surgery. Liz at Sovereign Rehab made it possible for me to gain my range of motion in less than 4 months without surgery. She was very patient, caring and kind. The rest of the staff was very nice and helpful also. I would recommend Sovereign Rehab to anyone needing physical rehabilitation.
Jessica K.

Outstanding Physical Therapists!

Sovreign’s Peachtree-Dunwoody Road office worked with me to confirm my need for rotator cuff surgery, and continues now to guide me through post- surgery rehab. They are properly equipped, always pleasant and timely. The owner is “involved,” and personnel highly trained and educated, and motivated. Good people; pleasure to work with!


I was in rehab at Sovereign for more than three months and I would highly recommend Sovereign to all who need any type of rehab. The therapists are very good at what they do but MORE IMPORTANTLY they care about you and truly want you to get healthy. It was my first surgery and I am more grateful to the Sovereign people than I am my own doctor–they were truly lifesavers!! 5 star rating!!

positive, consistent results

Therapy at Sovereign allowed me to not only recover from my injury but to improve my overall condition. I was very impressed with the way that my therapist applied her education, experience and energy to my individual condition. The Staff made a potentially painful experience into an appointment I looked forward to.
Jon T.