Atlanta Physical Therapy For Pregnant Women

Sovereign Rehabilitation is Atlanta’s trusted leader in physical therapy for pregnant women. We are a comprehensive provider of physical therapy and rehabilitation services with offices located conveniently throughout the greater Atlanta metropolitan area. Our locations feature licensed physical or occupational therapists with specialized training in women’s health issues, including pregnancy. Although pregnancy is an exciting and joyful experience, it can present physical challenges for many women. Our therapists are committed to helping women feel and function their best during pregnancy.

Therapy For Pregnant Women Experiencing Back Pain

Sovereign Rehabilitation specializes in therapy for pregnant women who are experiencing back pain and other symptoms associated with pregnancy. More than half of all pregnant women suffer from back pain and/or other orthopedic problems that can include pain in the groin area, rib cage, mid-back or shoulder blades. A combination of factors may cause back pain, such as an increase in maternal hormones as well as changing posture secondary to the growth of the baby. Together, these changes can make the pregnant woman more susceptible to injury or lead to development of problems in the spine, pelvis or rib cage.

As a part of a comprehensive pregnancy physical therapy program, our specially trained therapists may employ the follow physical therapy interventions to help women during pregnancy:

    • Exercises to stretch tight muscles, strengthen weakened ones, and improve posture
    • Soft tissue mobilization techniques to increase circulation, relieve pain, and improve tissue mobility
    • Joint mobilization to allow movement at the joints and to relieve pain.
    • Instruction in appropriate body mechanics and positioning.
    • Energy saving tips for home and work

Therapeutic Belts and Supports For Pregnant Women

Sovereign Rehabilitation is pleased to offer a full array of therapeutic belts and supports for pregnant women. Our experienced therapists can fit you for a belt of support that will help you to carry your unborn child or children more comfortably and prevent lower back pain.

Please contact our Atlanta Physical Therapy For Pregnant Women Experts or call one of our area locations today to get more information about our pregnancy services or to schedule an appointment. We look forward to serving you during this very important time in your life.