Developmental Delay Treatment

Every child develops at their own pace, so it can be difficult to know whether or not your child has developmental delays. Developmental delays are behaviors in children who experience ongoing difficulties with developmental milestones. The developmental delay can manifest in any areas of development, including movement, speech, cognitive and self-care skills. Developmental delays may or may not result from a specific condition. For children who have been diagnosed with a genetic or chromosomal abnormality such as Down Syndrome, their risk of developmental delay is increased. Other factors that cause developmental delays in children may include exposure to infections that have passed from mother to child during pregnancy.

If your child is diagnosed with a developmental delay, the team at Sovereign Rehabilitation understands how important it is for your child to receive the help they need to improve their quality of life. Sovereign Rehabilitation can help improve your child’s fine and gross motor skills, speech and language, behavior, sensory processing skills, self-care and other issues that may hinder their ability to succeed.

Treatment and Therapy for Children with Developmental Delay

Treatment for developmental delays depends on the areas in which your child is experiencing delays. At Sovereign Rehabilitation, a highly trained pediatric physical therapist will work directly with you and your child to help determine the best treatment plan possible. We are dedicated to providing individual care for children who experience developmental delays. It is our goal to work with families to problem-solve, finding solutions to routines and environments to improve and strengthen your child’s developmental skills.

In addition to evaluating your child, the physical therapists at Sovereign Rehabilitation will work with families to help develop a plan to improve motor skills by setting goals. Moreover, we offer advice and information to families to help provide home care that assists with the physical therapy treatment process. To learn more about our pediatric physical therapy developmental delay treatments and more, contact Sovereign Rehabilitation today to schedule an appointment.

Our Current Pediatric Therapy Program is being improved. We anticipate taking pediatric therapy appointments in the Fall of 2019.