Physical Therapy Specifically for Kids

boy with therapistSovereign Rehabilitation is dedicated to providing physical therapy services devoted specifically for children. With a comprehensive team of trained therapists, Sovereign Rehabilitation provides physical therapy care to children who have injuries or health-related problems that limit their ability to live their day-to-day lives. We strive to provide a fun environment that is designed to help children feel comfortable with their physical therapy needs and services, while ensuring each family’s needs are being met. Our goal is to provide the best physical therapy services possible.

At Sovereign Rehabilitation, we strive to provide children a path to improving their motor skills, strength and balance to help maximize their independence and mobility. Sovereign Rehabilitation is here to help improve the lives of children who experience issues that stem from disabilities, complex health conditions and injuries requiring the need for physical therapy.

Sovereign Rehabilitation works closely with families to ensure their child is receiving the best possible health care. We utilize various treatment options to maximize children’s overall treatment plan in order to help them reach their full potential. Our physical therapists work on an individual need-based level to improve gross motor skills, functional mobility skills for children who experience specific health impairment or disease, poor coordination, diminished muscle strength, muscle tone, flexibility, or injuries.

Why Choose Sovereign Rehabilitation?

  • We are devoted to improving your child’s ability to gain the strength they need both physically and emotionally, to improve their mobility and increase independence
  • Our highly trained specialists work on an individual level with families and children to relieve pain and promote healing while restoring function and movement
  • We believe that children deserve the best care possible in an environment that is nurturing and caring

Physical Therapy Services for Children:

If your child needs physical therapy from a team of caring doctors who will do what’s best for them, please contact Sovereign Rehabilitation today to schedule an appointment or for more information about any of our pediatric physical therapy services.

Our Current Pediatric Therapy Program is being improved. We anticipate taking pediatric therapy appointments in the Fall of 2019.