Infant Torticollis Treatment

Infant torticollis is a condition also known as a twisted neck or “wryneck” which occurs when an infant’s neck is twisted, resulting in the head tipping to one side while the chin is rotated toward the shoulder. This condition may look uncomfortable, but in a majority of cases the infant is not in any pain, often acting the same as any other infant, aside from their neck restraints. The team at Sovereign Rehabilitation is devoted to helping infants who suffer from torticollis. We understand how stressful this type of condition can be, not only on the infant, but for the families as well. Sovereign Rehabilitation is dedicated to providing the best care possible to help your infant with their specific physical therapy needs. We do this by providing an individual plan to improve their condition.

If your infant experiences torticollis at birth, they may need to undergo physical therapy to help stretch the shortened neck muscles. Traditionally called passive stretching, this specialized technique is used by trained professionals to re-position the affected neck muscles. For most infants who receive proper treatment early on, the treatment is often successful. In some cases, torticollis can appear later on in infancy, or as a result of a disease or injury.

Symptoms of Infant Torticollis

For most infants who suffer from torticollis, the symptoms and signs are the same, but can vary in severity. In order to determine the best treatment for your infant, a series of tests and exams are done by your physician to diagnosis this condition. Additionally, not all infants will display these symptoms of torticollis, but the most common symptoms are:

  • Your infant is consistently leaning their head in only one direction
  • Your infant may suffer from headaches, but this remains difficult to diagnose in infants
  • An abundance of neck pain
  • Your infant may have one shoulder that is higher than the other
  • Muscles in the neck are stiff
  • Swelling in the muscles in the neck
  • Abnormal chin position (pointing upwards instead of down)
  • Flattening of one side of the head

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