Pediatric Gait Abnormality

Sovereign Rehabilitation provides physical therapy rehabilitation services to children who suffer from gait abnormalities. The team at Sovereign Rehabilitation is dedicated to providing your child’s the best possible physical therapy services possible. We look at your child as an individual, with individual needs. There are many different types of gait abnormalities that can stem from a variety of issues. The most common forms of gait abnormalities are in-toeing and toe walking (idiopathic).

In-toeing and out-toeing:
As your child learns to walk it is common to see toe-walking and heel-walking. If your child’s feet point inwards while walking or running around, they may have what is referred to as in-toeing. Out-toeing is the opposite, where the feet curve outward rather than pointing straight ahead. The most common reasons a child may experience in-toeing or out-toeing is a slight rotation of the upper or lower leg bones. In-toeing and out-toeing can often be treated with physical therapy.
Idiopathic toe-walking:
If a child reaches the age of 2 and is predominantly walking on their toes, it is possible they have a gait abnormality that requires the assistance of a physician and physical therapist. For most children who experience toe-walking, it may be something as simple as tight muscles. Depending on the child’s individual needs, physical therapy, casting or surgery may be needed to correct idiopathic toe-walking.

Pediatric Gait Abnormality Treatment

If your child is diagnosed with a gait abnormality, our dedicated team of physical therapists are trained and experienced in pediatric care can help your child gain better mobility. At Sovereign Rehabilitation, families will find catered treatment plans with excellent care to help get your child back on track with their mobility needs. It is our goal to help your child feel good about their physical therapy needs. If you are concerned that your child may have a gait abnormality, contact Sovereign Rehabilitation today for more information and to schedule an appointment today.

Our Current Pediatric Therapy Program is being improved. We anticipate taking pediatric therapy appointments in the Fall of 2019.