Atlanta Ergonomic Assessment

Sovereign Rehabilitation is pleased to offer complete ergonomic assessments to the residents of Atlanta and the surrounding areas. We are a comprehensive physical and rehabilitation therapy company with offices located conveniently throughout the greater Atlanta area. Our rehabilitation company features a team of certified physical and occupational therapists that specialize in helping injured workers recover from their injuries and return to work. We offer ergonomic assessments as an important component of a comprehensive work related injury therapy program.

Job-Site Ergonomic Assessment

When it comes to performing job-site ergonomic assessments, you can trust the experienced professionals from Sovereign Rehabilitation. Ergonomics is most simply, the science of making things more comfortable and efficient for workers. Our ergonomic assessments serve to identify work-related ergonomic risk factors that can contribute to Musculo-Skeletal Disorders and other problems so they can be reduced or eliminated. Reducing or eliminating ergonomic risk factors can make it easier and safer for patients to return to work and can help to prevent work-related injuries from occurring in the future.

Work-Site Ergonomic Assessment and Analysis

A thorough work-site ergonomic assessment and analysis benefits both employers and their employees by promoting a safer and more productive working environment. If you are an employer or an employee and would like to schedule an ergonomic assessment, please contact our Atlanta Ergonomic Assessment Experts or call one of our area Sovereign Rehabilitation locations today.

At Sovereign Rehabilitation, we make life feel better. We look forward to serving you with exceptional, individualized physical and rehabilitation therapy services.